Our Services

Corporate Solutions offers specialized workshops, training and personal coaching to individuals, NGO’s, corporations, institutions of learning and multinational companies.

We specialize in helping organizations in emerging economies with human resources and payroll management, IT-Based solutions, brand management, change management, capacity management, leadership training and career paths.

Our team of experienced professionals have worked successfully with enterprises and have helped investors and institutions manage the risks involved in moving into emerging markets successfully.

IT-Based Solutions
IT is a dynamic industry with changes and product developments, we are here to connect the dots and keep you ahead of your competitors.
Expertise – As an IT consulting company, we are capable of both informing and implementing complex solutions for your business-big or small. Our team has extensive collective IT industry knowledge, making us one of the premiere IT firms in Tanzania.
Scalability – From product procurement to full support contracts, we adapt to the role you need us to fill. We offer remote and onsite support to all of our customers; our scalable support tailors to your business model.
Affordability – Because of our strong vendor and distributor relationships, we are able to procure top of the line hardware and software products at a lower cost, saving you money in the long run.
Brand Management

Strategic brand positioning is key to any organizations gradual business success. We take a lot of pride in our modern industry-standard approaches to making sure your brand is positioned in the right place to ensure you achieve your short, medium and long term goals.We are not an advertising/marketing agency, we will not give you an “off-the-hook” marketing campaign that costs you a fortune only to achieve industry awards and not profits.

We are here to change the platform and approaches.Our solution-based approach is focused entirely on your available resources, products and services. We tailor our branding for you based on your specific goals and key performance indicators (KPI’s). Our methods are guaranteed to give you results that are visible throughout the organization as well as in your P&L accounts.